Update #1 ·

Update on May 30, 2013

Good THURSDAY Morning  from MESA, AZ where this 'Little Ol' Lady AND the SHOES/Angel of PEACE', hereby, STEPs FORward with a Special UPDATE to encourage Your participation in this CAUSE.  WAMMS & I cordially invite You to print out the 'Three (3) Petitions' & STEP FORward to collect signatures amongst Your Friends...Family...& Community.  Please return them to:  "WALK a MILE in MY SHOES~~~on the Path to PEACE!!!" at 9427 East University Drive #12, Mesa, AZ 85207 by 01November2013.  WAMMS will assemble & prepare to deliver these 'timeless' Petitions to honor the 60th Anniversary of PEACE PILGRIM's First STEPS.
In the meantime, WAMMS & I 'intent' to continue to 'STEP FORward in the FOOTSTEPS of PEACE PILGRIM' & CELEBRATE...'along the Path.            Blessings of PEACE to You, My Friends.

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