Update #6 ·

Update on June 13, 2013

 Fordcares.com/Warriorsinpink gives 100% of their funds collected from proceeds that are collected from their clothing line and that apparel purchase is then given 100% to organizations like Susan G Komen and a few others that do not give as much, in fact, as the petition states, less than 3% of total funds collected go to stage 4 breast cancer research- I am asking the Ford Warriors In Pink to add a Metastatic Breast Cancer group like Metavivor, NFF or MBCN that gives 100% of their funding to stage 4 metastatic breast cancer research.We are the ones with the answers-test us, research us and you will find a cure but it's easier to sweep the dying under the rug then acknowledge that the system of funding is severely flawed! We need proportionate funding and we can start with the non-profit org's that give to the breast cancer cause. Warriors In Pink should step up and give us a spokesperson for stage IV as well; society does not understand the severe brevity that stage IV breast patients have so we must be heard-we must be accounted for if true change is to occur!!! We are not pink-we are dying! Dying to make a change!!!

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