Update #6 ·

Update on September 05, 2012

A special meeting took place at WDFW today. The two depredations from last week were confirmed as wolf depredations. Two more took place today that also appear to be wolf related. The WDFW will move forward with removing more members of the pack. The plan is to leave the Alpha Pair intact if possible. The WA state Wolf Plan does authorize lethal removal under these circumstances. We hope that at least part of the Wedge Pack will remain. We still feel strongly that non lethal solutions and better husbandry need to be attempted by ranchers. The Wedge area is geographically perfect for wolves. The Wedge Pack being removed will not provide a long lasting solution for this rancher. A new pack will move in. As he has grazed his animals in a National Forest, it does not appear there are a lot of native ungulates in this particular area... (200 cattle eating vegetation may contribute to them moving elsewhere). Cows are what's for dinner. Wolves are always going to be wolves. They won't change. The thing that has to change is the people. Ranchers and pro wolf people have to figure out how we can work for acceptable solutions. If we don't neither side will ever be happy, no on wins. This is a no win situation. But we still must make the best of it. Project Alpha Wolf supports ranchers who try. Ranchers who understand that there are changes to be made. We want to help...we need to know what that help looks like and what we can do to make it happen. Please visit the WDFW website or their FB page in the next few days for any updates on the lethal takes. I will post them here as available. Let's hope the Alpha Male and Female are allowed to live.

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