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Stray cats in need of help


I opened a new need in donation project dedicated to stray cats in front of Sladja's building. Some of them Sladja has spayed and dewormed but some are still to be treated.

Unfortunately, few of them are sick and in need of therapies.

The latest cat under vet treatment is "White". She was fed by a neighbor everyday until yesterday when she was found lying with no strength to come for lunch. The vet was called and it turned out White is suffering from bronchitis and has fever. The vet prescribed her 3 injections and her condition is improving slowly.

The fact is that all cats and kittens in front of the building need to be spayed and cleaned as they will continue to breed and produce small babies who will only suffer and later die. Next to Sladja's work in Small Shelter she is trying to help these cats as much as she can. Please help in their treatment as it would mean a lot to them.

Follow their photos and progress on Small Shelter's page https://www.facebook.com/SmallShelterInNis

Please donate on this site: http://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/10447-small-shelter-needs-help

Thank you for your support!


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