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Update on October 02, 2012

Dear Friends, Thank you very much, you are really a very noble person to join this cause. While setting the target I had a guess that it will go to millions very easily. Now I have realised that we need strong efforts to make our voice heard. Only one month is left, please give a massive round of push to this cause, it is out little contribution, but, it will save nearly 50,000 Dolphin lives across the globe every year. At the end of this campaign we will send a formulated letter to all governing & law making bodies around the world, to recognize Dolphins as Non-Human persons and accept their rights and way of life as important. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Best Regards Shua e ilm Founder www.EaglesforGlobalPeace.comhttps://www.facebook.com/EaglesForGlobalPeace[email protected]

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