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New Campaign Started: Empower global citizens to defend and promote human rights


Thank you for participating in the campaign to Pressure StumbleUpon to End Discrimination against LGBTQ Communities. As you may have already learned, the campaign was a success thanks to your efforts!!

I am starting a new campaign to defend and promote human rights. Our first action is to petition the U.N. Human Rights leader to order sanctions (penalties) against Russia and Pres. Putin because of the anti-gay propaganda laws.

To read more about the petition and participate, please go to: https://www.causes.com/v2actions/1759554-a-petition-to-navanethem-pillay-united-nations-high-commissioner-for-human-rights

Thank you for your support!!

Campaign won!

"@StumbleUpon now is the time to end inequitable labeling of LGBT sex. Rename topics as LGBT porn and Straight porn http://bit.ly/WuanrL" Let's End Inequities Between LGBT and Straight Labels for Adult Material So far, StumbleUpon has transferred LGBT culture categories from the "not safe" list to the "safe list." This took place several week ago. We have accomplished half of our goal, so…

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"At least Pinterest doesn't discriminate with their categories like @StumbleUpon #gaynotporn http://bit.ly/WuanrL" In response to StumbleUpon's recent changes to compete with Pinterest while not honoring promises they've made to address concerns outlined here: Pressure StumbleUpon to end discrimination against LGBTQ communities, those supportive of the petition pledge to not use StumbleUpon…

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The current separation between Sexual Health (listed on the "Yes" safe for work menu) and Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transsexual Sex (listed on the "No" not safe for work menu due to nudity or adult content) sends the message: "non-heterosexual-related websites are not acceptable for viewing in public places." This implies heterosexuality is normal, while homosexuality and other sexual and…

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