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Update on November 13, 2012

I am not a hunter, in fact I'm a vegetarian. I know there a lot of hunters out there but as in any sphere of life, you have hunters and HUNTERS. I got the following extract from Meat eaters news website: "In fact, I believe that all hunters—even those who do canned hunts—know the difference. I believe this because they intentionally fudge the lines when it comes to how they discuss their activities. How come you so infrequently meet a canned hunter who admits openly that the trophy on his wall was taken behind a fence? How come hunting shows that do canned hunts never bother to mention the fact that the animals they're supposedly stalking can't really get away? I know a guy who hunted New Zealand once, and he killed a huge stag there in a place that I know to be fenced. When he got home, he talked a lot about the experience. He told the history of New Zealand, how it was discovered by Captain Cook. He talked about the fact that it was once home to flightless birds that stood thirteen feet high, but that the birds were killed off by indigenous hunters; he talked about the weather where he hunted, and the kinds of plants there, and the sorts of terrain he walked on. He even talked about the quality of the light in the early morning. But through all that detail, he always failed to mention the fact that his stag was released into that enclosure from a truck, and that he knew before he arrived that he'd be killing it. I'm not sure why he doesn't mention these things, but perhaps the word "guilt" has something to do with it. Tags: Canned Hunts, New Zealand Hunting


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