Update #4 ·

Update on March 24, 2013

Since our last update, Cecil Pendergast has been approved for UTA's along with his ETA's. This murderer socializes with the public more than I do! 

The Parol Board of Canada focuses on signs of rehabilitation and public interest.

At his last parol hearing, he lied about his murderous intent- lies that can be easily founded in past Supreme Court records- lying about his crime is not a sign of rehabilitation. 

The Psychologist said they couldn't be sure on his level of violence- yet the Parol Board still granted him UTA's! How is this concern for public interest? 

These issues and more will be expressed at the next Parol Hearing in August 2013. 

Please continue to show your support by asking your friends to sign our petition. 

Gratefully and Sincerely,

The Courtney and Gillingham Family

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