Update #5 ·

Update on June 15, 2013

Dear Friends,

I live in the SW of France and yes I love it. Its beautiful but we must not forget that there are elements of corruption and terrible people who are in power that are allowing these horrible things to happen. What kind of children are we creating to take over the world if we allow them to disrespect and de-value the life of an animal. We started this petition last year and I went to the Mayors office in person to hand in almost 5 000 signatures which they and the French secret service agents refused to accept.

Now, a year later, as we promised we are going to get tougher on these afficianados, they must also know that we mean business and calling on an international boycott of Bayonne is a non-violent act, unlike the acts of torture that are inflicted upon innocent animals and children.

I love France, and I know that most of the people dont support this so why is it still happening???

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