Update #2 ·

Update on July 27, 2012

Dear Friends I am humbled and inspired by your comments and signatures. Tomorrow I will join a demonstration together with many other Anti-Corrida organizations outside the mayor's office in Bayonne. I would like you to please take a minute and send an email with your opinion directly to the mayor Mr Grenet. Let's flood his office with positive and direct criticism about the Corrida. My personal view is that I am against the abuse and killing of these animals. Whatever your view is, I hope you are able to express it directly to the Mayor. Try not to be rude. Remember we can only change things with love and positivity. Do it in your own language, this petition represents the international community so it does not have to be in french neither in english. Goodluck! https://www.bayonne.fr/la-mairie/64-contactez-nous.html bless Paris.O.

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