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Update on July 24, 2012

Dear Friends Thank you for showing your support for this terrible act of abuse that will commence on the 28 July 2012 in the city of Bayonne. The first part of this action is to ask politely which is what we are doing by means of this petition. Depending on the outcome of the mayor's repsonse we will decide whether or not to call an international tourist boycott of the city and also target individual businesses who are sponsoring the Corrida. We (I) need all the help I can get. Please share the petition so that we can reach our goal. The more signatures we have from people all over the world, the more power we will have to show Mr Grenet and other mayors of smaller cities that we mean business. Remember that this is happening all over the south west, 100s of cities, villages do this and we must unite and continue fighting if we wish it to stop. Thank you again for your support and please spread this petition we only have 3 days left. Bless Paris. O.

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