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How many minutes does it take some Foundation Rwanda students in the most rural areas walk to school?

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Correct answer is: 210

On our last trip to Rwanda, several mothers reported that their children have to walk 3 1/2 hours a day to and from school each way. "A bicycle," they said, "would be a life changing tool for our families."


<p> </p><p><p>Foundation Rwanda grew out of one mother’s wish to provide an education and a brighter future for her son. Odette became pregnant with Martin after enduring a brutal rape during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. She is not alone; an estimated 20,000 rapes were committed during genocide, leaving many mothers struggling with the legacy of HIV/AIDS. As a result of the harsh stigma from these brutal encounters, local community and family members have shunned these mothers. Their children,&nbsp;born of rape, &nbsp;are not considered “survivors” of the genocide and therefore did not qualify for a government -subsidized education.</p><p>Foundation Rwanda sponsors secondary school fees, transportation, books, uniforms and shoes for over 800 children and provides holistic support for their mothers by providing trauma counseling and linking them to medical support and income generating activities. &nbsp;Many of these children, who are determined to gain an education, often walk up to three hours a day to the nearest secondary school and back. The<b>&nbsp;Bike&nbsp;To A Better Future Campaign</b>&nbsp;will raise funds to support each child for a year of school and provide a bike to get them there safely. The campaign will also bring HIV/AIDS testing to families living in the most remote rural areas of Rwanda with limited access to aid organizations.&nbsp;</p><p><br>We invite you to join us in sharing these mother’s dreams and fulfilling their hopes for a better future – one child &amp; one bike at a time.&nbsp;</p><br></p><p></p>

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