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We’re Putting the Heat on Denial. And we need your help.

There’s no denying it. It’s hot out. Too hot!

Climate change is rapidly warming our planet, but anti-science deniers are peddling lies in the media, causing doubt about the need to act. So this month, we’re turning up the heat on deniers! And we’re doing it with our new campaign Put the Heat on Denial.

It’s no surprise to you and me that for decades, the fossil fuel industry has been spending big money buying headlines, flooding online forums, and funding politicians who deliberately deny the truth about climate change.

And while they profit from this denial, communities all over the world are feeling the horrific effects. Ecosystems are being pushed to their limits, and the Earth feels devastating consequences. Big Oil and Coal have money, power and influence. But together, we have something even greater on our side: the truth.

While deniers claim, “climate change isn’t happening at all” or “you can’t prove that the world is getting warmer,” we here at The Climate Reality Project say “yes it is” and “yes we can.” The age-old myth of “it’s not happening” doesn’t sit well with us. So that’s why this month, we plan to destroy myths like these once and for all.So this month, we’re going on the offense – instead of the defense. We’re putting the heat on denial.

And we need your help to do it . Click here to learn more: http://climaterealityproject.org/put-the-heatondenial/

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