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Update on July 15, 2013

Revelation 2:19 I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first. KJV. I, am a Evanelist called by God,and, have excepted my call. As, A Evangelist Minister, called INTO The WORLD, By OUR Almighty Father God. I, WORK FOR MY LORD I, began full time Ministry for our Lord, Christ Jesus <3  in 2009 just after my husband went to prison and, we lost everything. we, had our business together...NOT Only, our business, we lost everything EVEN OUR CHILDREN. Father God He Has Helped US To hold ON,THROUGH THE STORM to HIM, and, each other. My YOUNGEST,daughter, WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER SINCE , but sometimes it was months until I wold see her. WITH YEARS OF BEING SEPERATED SINCE 2009 JESUS IS MY Comfort, and Will make a WAY.,  I REMIND MY CHILDREN OF THIS OFTEN.JESUS IS OUR COMFORT <3  WE HAVE NO PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS. THEY ARE ALL LAID TO REST. JESUS IS OUR COMFORT, WHEN I AM SEPErated FROM LOVED ONES. God has blessed me with, three Other Children, 1 daughter, and 2 sons. and 11 Grandchildren, and ONE Great Grandson he is 9 months and I, haven't seen him ever, and One Grandson Born with A Hole in His Heart, BUT He IS Healing :)  I,Miss Them They Want to Be part OF Bibles Across The WORLD And MY Almighty Father God WILL NOT Let them DOWN. The, VISION was Spoke to Me and breathed into me by Our Lord throuh the Holy Spirit <3 I, saw them last AUG. for a month :)  THEY ALSO WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS MOVEMENT FOR OUR LORD. WHEN YOU LOOSE SOMEONE FOR WHATEVER REASON. ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD HAS TAKEN ALL THE BAD THE ENEMY PLANNED, AND, HAS USED IT FOR HIS GLORY FATHER GOD SAID LOUISE, YOU GO NOW AND DON'T BE AFRAID...ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD SHOWS US THE WAY ...I, have a step son also whom I would Like to ask YOU To Pray For I, Know THERE Is SOMEONE, Almighty Father God is speaking TO, Or WILL Spreak TO...Actually PROBABLY Already HAS About ALL MY Need's. Anyone whom is MY Freind TRULY Know'S MY Need's. I, Know MY Almighty Father God KNOWS because He say's IN Matthew 6:5-13 KJV That He know's WHAT WE NEED BEFORE WE ASK AND, The HOLY Spirit Gave ME WORD'S TO Speak.MY MINISTRY NEED'S SUPPORT. Ye Who Has An Ear Let Him Hear What The Spirit of the Lord is saying UNTO The Church. I, am believeing MY Almighty Father God WILL Supply ALL MY NEED'S According TO Phil.4:19 KJV If YOU Would like to know More About MY Ministry Please READ ON the About Part ON my Profile ON Face BOOK. There is a New WEB Site being CREATED As WE Speak.I need Labours with a Hear for God. ALL is Given By Almighty Father Whom SENT His Angels TO Help, and take charge over me. MY Almighty Father God WILLL meet ALL MY Need's. "WATCH". OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD  DO WHAT HE SAID :) Praying Always with Christ Jesus Love, IN Jesus name For ALL. 

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