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Update on May 15, 2013

As of this update, we are 227 away from a quarter million signatures! Lots to tell you but first we want to thank our "Top Recruiters." 

Top Recruiters:

Richard Prendergast 15
Leeza Coleman 14
Oandp Rescue-Transport 13
Mary Gormley 13
Kevin Wagner 12
Noah V Erdenling 12
Liz Western Brantley 12
Diane Ostrow Tidwell 12
Andrea Waschkowitz 12
Rose Lemarie 12
Fiona McCoy 11
Simon A. Kafie 11
Sue Kuok 11
Lori Halliday 11
Rehenu Mannapperuma 11
Vladimir Jevtic 11
Cleiton Cabral 10
Steping Wolf 10
Sue Davis 10
Teresa Jackson Mikelson 10

In an effort to explore legal options to help Facebook to ban animal cruelty pages, we have reached out to  Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel, the famous Swiss Animal Rights lawyer (thank you Franklin Hynes), and Joyce Tischler, Founder and General Counsel of the  Animal Legal Defense Fund. We have not heard back from these wonderful people, and they in no way endorse what we do, but we would welcome their advice.

Dr. Goetschel:

Animal Legal Defense Fund:

Causes.com has reached out to us and is actively assisting us in promoting our petition. Collectively we are planning a "media event" when we physically present our 300,000+ signatures to Facebook at their corporate headquarters!

We will let you know the date and times as things develop further. If you are able and willing to join us at this event, then please reach out me directly at [email protected], or through the petition page at Causes.com/RemoveHate

Please help us spread the word to reach the quarter million mark, then to 3000,000!

With respect,

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