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Lets face facts even if we take all the medical espects of this plant away the fact is prohibition is extremley damageing to society and families as a whole. Fact is prohibition leads to increased street crime. Lets look at alchol prohibition for instance al capone took advantage of alchol prohibition and made a multi million dollar crime ring with its proceeds wich where than funneled to other ventures and extorsion and blackmail and bribes. The sam is true with canabis prohibition the mexican and cuban cartels as well as many other crime syndicates take advantage of the fact that like during alchol prohibition there is no regulated safe place to aquire cannabis. Nor are we allowed to cultivate our own this means that the only dource is the one provided by criminals and cartells. These cartells use the billions of dollars made from there cannabis sales to fund gun runing rings child prostitution rings as well as use the fund to provide other drugs such as herion crack cocaine etc. Fact is if there was a regulated system like that for alchol and tobaco and if people could grow there own than these cartels would have no market for there cannabis and there for would.loose billions of dollars a year leading to there inevitable down fall.

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