Update #24 ·

why is native discrimination is still going on in alberta and who knows where else

THIS type of behaviour by other people have got to stop. we have got to stand together and but a stop to this type of crime against our people. no by violence, but making aware of what is going on. and making aware of those individuals or groups or even respected proprietors, who still show discrimination against the native people. this continues to this very day. and when native people try to speak out against such discrimination, they are ignored. again and again. and yet the government still stand by and lets this happen. if a complaint is made. it goes through the court system. again controlled by the government. HARPER GOVERNMENT. TIME TO CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT. WITH ALL THERE PROBLEMS. WE NEED A CHANGE AND A CHANGE NOW...WE NEED A GOVERNMENT WITH A SOLID PLATFORM ON THE NATIVE ISSUES, AND CLEAR UP ALL ISSUES. ONCE AND FOR ALL...WHY THE DELAY??


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