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Ariel Castro Killed Himself Last Night !!!!!

Ariel Castro Killed Himself Last Night !!!!! What a Crowd he was !!! He took the easy way out !!! ASSHOLE 100 % !!!!! And he still has a Facebook profile here !!!! What is up with that ? I keep trying to get his profile down !!! I have a petition !!! Posted it here !!! I got 3 more to sign tonight !!! Facebook must learn they have a Convicted Rapist and Kidnapper on here !!! He has got 937 convicting !!!! Plus life in Prison + 1000 years !!!! One day they will !!! The only thing I can say is " His Higher Power" has him now !!! He will judged !!! All I hope is " He Burns In Hell" for what he did to those Women for all of those years !!!

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