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Senator Feinstein's response

Hi All -

We received an answer from the Senator....and that answer is "YES"! Senator Feinstein is joining in to cosponsor the ABLE Act. This has been several years of work to get this act to this point and a lot of effort, so I am very excited and want to thank you all for your help

Now the bad news, in California, almost three quarters (72%) of our Representatives have not sponsored the ABLE Act (H.R.647) and we need to change that. Nationally, 57% of the House of Representatives have signed on to co-sponsor the ABLE Act (S. 313/H.R.647), but here in California we only had 28% of our Representatives signed on. I am hopeful we can get to 40 Representatives and send a strong message to Washington that they need to figure out how to get this done.

If your Representative is on the list below, can you call and email them and ask them to Support ABLE Act (H.R.647)? Please also share with friends and family who may have a Representative on the list below - and share on Facebook etc. We need to get the pressure on these folks to sign on to this bill. A few people calling their Representative could change the world of civil rights - it could be that tight!

If you are interested in hearing updates as we get Representitives to sign on, please join our list here:

Thanks for your help. Getting Senator Feinstein to sign on is huge! We moved a mountain this year!....:Let's keep pushing and finish the job this year!


PS - If you contact your Rep, please let me know so I can feed that information back to the NDSS. Doing so opens doors for them to have conversations in Washington D.C. on our behalf.

District Name
2 Huffman, Jared
3 Garamendi, John
4 McClintock, Tom
6 Matsui, Doris O.
7 Bera, Ami
8 Cook, Paul
9 McNerney, Jerry
10 Denham, Jeff
11 Miller, George
12 Pelosi, Nancy
13 Lee, Barbara
15 Swalwell, Eric
16 Costa, Jim
18 Eshoo, Anna G.
21 Valadao, David
22 Nunes, Devin
23 McCarthy, Kevin
25 McKeon, Buck
27 Chu, Judy
30 Sherman, Brad
31 Miller, Gary
32 Napolitano, Grace
33 Waxman, Henry
34 Becerra, Xavier
35 Negrete McLeod, Gloria
36 Ruiz, Raul
37 Bass, Karen
38 Sanchez, Linda
39 Royce, Ed
41 Takano, Mark
44 Hahn, Janice
45 Campbell, John
46 Sanchez, Loretta
48 Rohrabacher, Dana
49 Issa, Darrell
50 Hunter, Duncan D.
51 Vargas, Juan
52 Peters, Scott

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