Kelly Rogers
Kelly Rogers campaign leader

I have always felt very passionate about chemicals in products. I feel even more so towards babies products, I assume most everyone would be! Especially after the whole Johnston & Johnston incident just recently. These little babies are helpless and the parents of course just want the best for their precious baby. If only all these parents knew all the toxins that they are putting on their babies delicate skin and the harm that it could cause them. Even using water would be a better choice. I personally make my own wipe solution for my little one. I'm afraid so many people see these big name companies and automatically trust that they are safe. I would like HUGGIES to make wipes that don't have all of these horrible ingredients. If they are going to put harmful ingredients in, why put "natural care" on the packaging? Let's give a voice to all the babies in the world, & stand up for completely natural baby wipes!



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