Cynthia Justice
Cynthia Justice campaign leader

John has been coming to the barn for two years now thanks to individuals, businesses and groups like you. Last fall, he worked up the courage to ride independently for the first time ever (choosing the tallest horse). He was only 5 years old when brought to the ranch with his sister, age 10, two years ago after they had to be removed from their home by Child Protective Services due to neglect and meth exposure. They came not knowing what it was truly like to be nurtured or to simply be a child because in their world they had to care for themselves, do without food, heat or running water, endure severe abuse, and trusted no one. The first time I met them at their new home in a group home facility, they were both so mistrusting of people that neither would come near, nor speak. However, the moment they each came to the barn to meet the horses, the walls immediately seemed to disappear. I quickly saw John’s amazing smile that never seems to stop now, unending questions, a desire to belong and a longing to give love as well as to receive it. Amber also slowly allowed the wall she had built to come down as she would show up at the barn as often as she could, bargaining for more time around the horses in exchange for even doing barn chores if need be. A few months after their arrival, Brandy (a totally blind 12 year old mare) was rescued from near death as she was being allowed to starve in a stall and was coated in layers of feces. It was this horse who Amber immediately began to share “her secrets” with as she stroked her long mane after many baths and so carefully made sure to tell Brandy how beautiful she was. I recall being heartbroken watching her as I knew this must be exactly what Amber herself so longed to hear and receive from someone in her life. I consider myself beyond blessed to have been given the opportunity to watch the healing for each of them unfold before my eyes and I’m certain she had a huge roll in nurturing this amazingly loving horse back to health.

There are many more stories just like these that unfold each day at the barn, but it is only through the support of people just like you that Hope Reins is able to exist and bring hope and healing to so many in need. Please consider being a part of this wonderful ministry and making an impact in the lives of so many in need. All donations are tax deductible and so greatly appreciated!

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