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Back-to-school: school meals and the case for food education

Huge thanks for your support for our campaign to get food education to kids across the U.S.

Since we launched the campaign, over 70 organizations and thought leaders have signed up to support the effort, and over 5,000 individuals have signed on through our action alert - http://bit.ly/FoodEdu.

As the back-to-school season kicks in, the conversation around school food and children’s diets has picked back up with schools across the country working hard to improve school meal options. Despite some challenges, more than half are already meeting the updated standards (http://1.usa.gov/14BPYbM), and many more are well on their way.

While the updates to the actual food served at school is a big step in the right direction, change does take time and food education in an important element in helping these changes. In elementary schools, students receive just 3.4 hours of food and nutrition on average each school year.

Teaching our children about real food and why there are changes being made to the food available at school will empower them to try new food and menus. We know that children who learn about fruit and vegetables are more likely to eat them so why not apply this in the cafeteria too!

Check out our school food revolution eBook for 30 top tips (http://bit.ly/14Vbskh), from getting students on board (kids can often be the most powerful advocates) and introducing school food and lunchtime champions to getting hands-on with taste tests and simple cooking demos and sessions (see our plum, lettuce and beet lessons at http://bit.ly/Z3xi1i, great to get started with!).

If you are interested in going further and getting food education into the classroom, then check out these resources: http://bit.ly/1533BNK for ideas to get you started, and read about great programs already in action at http://bit.ly/1bkNktj.

Check out this article to find out more about why food education is so important in schools: http://bit.ly/19ekyIw, and if you haven't already signed up to support getting food education in every school in the U.S. you can do so at http://bit.ly/FoodEdu!

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