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Meet Tam

Meet Tam.

The oldest of 5, living on the streets of Thailand in the city of Mae Sai, Tam and his family are stateless. The family lives in poverty, and his parents are addicted to opium. Every day, they force him to beg on the streets for more drug money.

When he is not begging, Tam is kept chained up; his parents exploit him so that they can maintain their drug habit. Not For Sale found out about his situation and intervened, but it was too late--Tam was so traumatized that he hasn't spoken more than a few words a day since being brought to the Not For Sale children's home.

Tam is not alone. Up to 50% of slaves today are children. Many of them are exploited by the people who should be taking care of them. This summer, we will be bringing you stories from our projects and sharing ways you can change the world--one child at a time.

Right now, help us kickstart this effort by donating $24 to help rescue a child to freedom. Stand with us this summer in saying that no child should be for sale.

-The Not For Sale Team

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