Todd Fuqua
Todd Fuqua campaign leader

Carol Fuqua Wyman’s Legacy to CHEC
I began putting together the organization to bring Candlestick House to fruition in January 2013. Having heard about the Engagement Center in Bloomington, Indiana, I had a vision of something similar for Indianapolis.

The week I and others were due to visit the Bloomington REC, my mother, Carol Fuqua Wyman, passed away suddenly in New Jersey of a heart attack ( She also lived with untreated alcoholism. My mom had not been willing to admit to her addictive illness and seek assistance, and therefore the disease progressed untreated. Our family later learned that her doctor believes her death was brought on by complications of this disease.

As I spent the week with his family preparing for mom’s funeral, the idea of starting Candlestick became a reality. My siblings and family graciously supported my idea of bringing much of mom’s antiques and home furnishings back to Indiana to furnish what I knew would be a warm, comfortable environment for a new Engagement Center and Transitional Living Home in Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood. Those furnishings are now in a 10×25 storage unit in Indianapolis, awaiting their new home.

“On a personal note, thank you to everyone involved with CHEC…although we’re here for the homecomers and broader community, you’re helping me keep a Candlestick burning in my mom’s memory…”
Todd Fuqua

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