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RAFFLE to raise FUNDS to build a fence for SMALL RESCUE NIS SERBIA

Please consider buying a RAFFLE TICKET to help SMALL SHELTER in NIS - SERBIA - FOR FENCE FUND

We have put together a RAFFLE to raise funds for Small Shelter NIS – Serbia. This shelter is run by three lovely ladies on a shoe-string. They received very little funding towards food/vet bills and fund this mainly out of their very small pensions.

However they need funds for a fence – NOT a huge fence but to keep their little shelter more secure and stop their beloved dogs from escaping and being reported to the community police. It is a critical time for the shelter without the fence all their beloved dogs are in jeopardy.

If you would like to help – please join our raffle and help these ladies raise funds for the much needed fence.

Thank you.



FB page of Small Shelter in Nis


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