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Musician Sonia Montez Takes Antonio Sanchez to Task for Playing Apartheid Israel

Musician Sonia Montez has taken a public stance against apartheid Israel on her Facebook page, taking Chris "Daddy" Dave's replacement act in the Red Sea Jazz Festival, Antonio Sanchez, to task:

"Antonio Sanchez has disgusted me and lost all artistic respect with his support of Israel's cultural white washing of apartheid. Does he so easily believe that the Zionist state which will have him perform would ever allow him to become a citizen. Do the words of Nelson Mandela, Alice Walker, and Bishop Desmund Tutu means nothing to him? Where are his ethics?"

The 10 Reasons for Cultural Boycott of Israel campaign thanks Sonia Montez for taking a courageous stance against Israel's apartheid and encourages all artists to openly discuss the issues.

We also ask that music lovers all over the world continue signing the petition to boycott the Red Sea Jazz Festival, which is a repeating bi-yearly Israel-sponsored government event. Please sign at http://bit.ly/13fDse2


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