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A personal plea from a supporter of this campaign:

I'm 17 and living in Cairns I'm currently suffering with depression and anxiety. I was sent to the Brisbane youth Ward , but I came back a couple of weeks later and had some more big lows, I than tried to kill myself and they wouldn't let me go to this unit again in Brisbane cause it was to much of a hassle but then I had to leave cairns base hospital and I just kept having big lows and highs, it is very hard to live here like this because the hospital cannot be used as a safety unit, there HAS to be one built here so many young people are going to die without it.I'M BEGGING PLEASE KEEP TRYING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Community of FNQ, here this plea from a young person living in Cairns and help 'make this happen'. Please sign the how many of us want this for our children and young adults.....

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