Update #17 ·

Update on our BSL Petition and a NEW Campaign :)

We appreciate your support and our signatures are growing thanks to you!

We are an active bunch at SPCA Watch (NZ) and we have just started another Petition! This one is directed at New Zealand's top auction site 'Trade Me'

There are very few regulations on TM regarding animal listings. We are asking Trade Me CEO Jon Macdonald to add a Feedback option and a Listing History of all Animal Listings, including Free Listings. This will help to expose Animal Cruelty, money hungry Backyard Breeders and Pet Flippers.

With your help we will be able to force Trade Me to regulate all Animal Listings on their site. This result would be a global setting!

Please Sign our new Petition and Send it to your contacts...

Please Like us on facebook!

Many thanks ~ SPCA Watch (NZ)
& The American Pit Bull Terrier Association Inc

Campaign closed

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