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I am a IRL native, and have spent much time on these waters. In order to ensure this for following generations something needs to be done. It comes down to the money needed to research possible problems so that we can turn things around. It is a shame it comes down to that, but let's be real, we have the people out there with the IRL's well being at interest. Scientists need the funding from the "top dogs" to carry this out. After all, without a foundation under us, we cannot do much of anything.
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Imagine this: You have been born and raised on the Indian River Lagoon. Your life and/or business focuses on the vivacious marine environment of the dolphins, turtles, manatees, fish, and other inhabitants of the river. However, the Lagoon you knew as a child has been slowly dying because of poor decisions by political figures. You not only see the color of the water change from crystal clear to…

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Writing to Gov. Rick Scott or Brig. Gen. Donald Jackson Jr. of the Army Corps of Engineers to express your concern about their inaction could sway their opinions and help in the fight to create a cleaner Indian River Lagoon and a cleaner environment as a whole.  Contact Gov. Rick Scott at: Office of Governor Rick Scott State of Florida The Capitol 400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL…

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In recent months, as many as 46 bottlenose dolphins, 111 manatees, and 300 pelicans have been found dead as a result of the polluted system of Florida's Indian River Lagon. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution was counting on $2 million in state funds to study the polluted river and dead bodies, however, Gov. Rick Scott decided that the vitality of the ecosystem and the preservation of a river…

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