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Conclusion of Keanu’s travel

Hello to all people out there who support Keanu,

first of all I would like to say Thank You to all who contributed to Keanu’s traveling costs. There was around 700€ collected and Keanu earned lots of fans and supporters worldwide.

Even though he found a great new mom in France who decided to adopt him and provide him eternal loving home, Keanu’s current mom decided to keep him after all.

Here is her quotation from Keanu’s group:

"Dear Keanu's friends..thank you, thank you for all of your support..first of all thanks to Karen Cole, who wanted to adopt Keanu..a fantastic woman..I am sure she would be a perfect mom for Keanu, better than me...but I just can't let him go..you know how it is when a girl madly falls in love..or when mom can't let her child go..Karen, please forgive me...
Thank you for all of your kind donations towards Keanu's travel. if I haven't sent a refund to someone, please let me know..
Please stay with us and be Keanu's friends ( or better said admirers he deserves your friendship..


As you can see, all the money collected towards Keanu’s travel is refunded. The list of people who donated can be found in a file as a pinned post in his group. In case somebody hasn’t received their donation back please write in the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/kianulepipasinvalid/ and I’m sure it will be solved.

Keanu will have a happy life here in Belgrade and you can continue to follow his life adventures in the group.

Thank you all for your support. It was hugely appreciated!


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