Mary Perry
Mary Perry campaign leader

184 Virunga Rangers have been killed while protecting the park. The Virunga Rangers are valiant courageous people dedicated to saving gorillas. this is not just a job to them.
they deserve our honor, respect, and support.
The challenges they face daily in their duties are truly unbelievable. I pray for their safety. WARRIORS ALL !
David Nezehose is a Virunga Ranger. he loves gorillas and is dedicated to their protection.
David Nezehose Virunga Ranger: ''Virunga national park rangers said in spite of are killed every time in protecting the park they can't never leave her natural area, they must die for it.''
These Rangers are amazingly brave !
All the hardships they endure to protect gorillas, knowing they are risking their lives just to go out on patrol.
I pray for their safety. Brave souls, WARRIORS ALL !
Inside the Gorilla Wars: Rangers on Risking It All
Nat Geo: ''A ranger's life is difficult. You work in a war zone, at times without pay or food rations. How do you get by?''
Diddy: ''There have been many moments when we worked without getting paid, without food.''
Innocent: ''We are assigned to protect nature, and as such we cannot abandon this work.''
Latest quota for Rangers killed in Virunga , from a reliable source. '' In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tormented by rebel militias, 183 rangers have been killed in just one national park over the past decade.''
The death toll is now 184 including the murder on Aug 3, 2013 of
Ranger Kasereka Kipako, age 34 RIP
Eight Dead in Attack on Virunga National Park Rangers | Environment News Service
IUCN - Worst attack on Virunga National Park rangers in years
without funding from Tourism , the Park Rangers are in desperate need! Please send them a donation!
Please send help to the Virunga Rangers !
if every one sent just $20, imagine how much help that would be! 184 rangers have been killed. this is a CRISIS for the gorillas and the brave Rangers who risk ALL to protect them.
''Virunga needs you to spread the news of the crisis to everyone you know and ask each of them to do the same. By harnessing the power of networking, we can build a larger base of support for Virunga’s rangers.''~ Official website for Virunga Park

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