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Thank you to the people supporting to stop FB from allowing hate & harassing material.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone supporting this petition.  We need many more signatures to get them to stop.  We need to prove to them that people, worldwide, care about what their Children, Grandchildren, as well as adults using Facebook do not run into these pages.  Personally, I have come across these pages merely by putting in a search for someone.  For instance, if you type in Justin Beiber in the search, you will find different pages that promote hate against him.  People think they can slander any person they want on the Internet.  Not only is this hurtful, you do not know how a person is going to take seeing their name with these hate messages attached to their name.  It has caused suicide on several occasions such as Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd.  Teens are going through enough changes without seeing their name in print with nasty comments.

So thank you and let us join together in stopping FB from allowing this!  Post, share and repost.  This is not just limited to Canada and the U.S.  FB is worldwide, so we need to get this petition sign worldwide.


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