Sara Jade
Sara Jade campaign leader

All of this started with a trip. I went to New York City with a group of students in March of 2013. We visited the United Nations building and explored an exhibit that showcased children in different countries on their way to school. As a class assignment we had to write about one of the stories that spoke to us.
I chose to write about two girls who lived in Tarahumara. The exhibit taught me about their route to school and what they have to go through each day in order to make it on time. These two girls, Emeralda(9) and Patricia(10), take a four hour journey on a daily basis. They travel by themselves without any supervision across barbed wire fences and through private properties, all while carrying their heavy bags on their backs. When I realized that there were two young little girls lugging their books across a dangerous path without their parents it broke my heart. It made me worry about their safety and what could happen if they were to get hurt.
This thought sparked a new problem. If these two girls (and any other child on their way to school) were to be injured, who would be there for them and how could they get help? I wanted to know if Tarahumara had enough medical stability to support the health care of these kids. This is when I found the Tarahumara Childrens Hospital Fund (TCHF). TCHF provides the correct medical equipment needed to take care of these kids. In Tarahumara, 40% of children pass away before they even turn five due to the unstable living conditions and safety hazards presented to them. Donating to TCHF will help save these kids and all of the other children in need of medical help in Tarahumara. Donate today and help ensure a healthy future that these kids deserve!

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