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Senators who are for the end of MICRA

Please tell these Senators you are on their side and will support them in two areas:

1. Get rid of the California Medical Board 


2. Increase the Artificial Cap on medical malpractice pain and suffering/loss damages called MICRA to today's inflation rate ( has not been adjusted in 38 years) OR GET RID OF ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES' SELF ELECTED DAMAGE CAPS .....,,,AS THEY ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Senator Darrell Steinberg  916 -651-4006

Senator Ted W. Lieu   310- 318-6994 or email [email protected]

Senator De Saulnier 916- 651-4007

DIstrict Attorney Kamala Harris 415-256-1727 

Governor Jerry Brown - request an Executive Order to increase MICRA damage caps after 38 years for inflation within this last law makers session which ends end of September 2013. 916-445-2841.

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