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Victory! EPA labels bee-killing pesticides

I’ve been blown away by your support to save the bees. More than 20,000 of you signed our petition to Congress asking the agriculture committee to ban the use of bee-killing pesticides called neonicotinoids.

And we’ve got good news. The powers that bee (pun intended) are starting to listen.

The Environmental Protection Agency is introducing new labels for neonicotinoid pesticides that will prohibit the use of those pesticides when bees are present. The labels will include information regarding exposure and precautions to reduce spray drift. In red letters, they read “this product can kill bees and other insect pollinators.”

You spoke up to save the world’s pollinators and now the right people are taking notice.

I feel confident that a victory in bees protection is a realistic one knowing that thousands and thousands of you are ready to help.

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