Larry Kiko
Larry Kiko campaign leader

Hello all, I want to tell you something that is very important to my campaign. You see I will be the first to tell you, that I have made mistakes. However who hasn't? Unlike all these so called leaders, also know as career politicians. That make a mistake, and instead of admitting to there mistake. They try to deceive the people with more lies, as they try covering up there mistakes. I will not do that, because my past mistakes are what made me who I am today! I what you to know that my mistakes, were very valuable lessons. That taught me a very important skill set, as to what need be done to rebuild America! they have taught me that we must focus on several things, one of which is moral values! We must also work on another very important issue, that no one has done to this very moment! Since Dr Martin Luther King Jr. fought for & won civil rights and equality for everyone. That issue is to start the healing process between all ethnic groups, instead of trying to get us to continue fighting amongst one another! It is beyond time to force the race baiting haters, that so want us to continue to fight each other. Out of the power hold they seem to have on most of America's citizens! I feel that nothing is fully accomplished until the heal part of the endeavor is also completed! WE THE PEOPLE CAN ONCE AGAIN TOGETHER AS A WHOLE, BRING AMERICA BACK TO WHERE IT ONCE WAS, AND AGAIN NEEDS TO BE!

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