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In our own backyard: TOMS U.S. Giving

TOMS Giving Partners make sure that the giving is sustainable and responsible. New TOMS shoes are integrated into larger programs for health and education, and sight-giving services (check out the blog post) are based around community initiatives. Every day, these Giving Partners are making an impact in the field, and we couldn’t be prouder to support them.  

Thank you for helping make all this possible. Our promise to you: for as long as you support TOMS, we’ll continue our mission to help you make a difference in lives all over the world. 

A few inspirational words from our partners on the ground: “You're not just buying a pair of glasses, you are buying opportunity and hope for a student.” —Kathy Spahn, President and CEO, Helen Keller International  

“You can’t do this on your own. You can’t just be an island. You’ve got to have help from every source that you can.” —Phyllis Bowman, Save the Children

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