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I grew up with two staffys , like a bro and sis and they were perfect. My dad was meant to be supervising me and on two diff occasions I drowned twice and my dads STAFFY Bronson saved me both times. I wouldn't be here if he wasn't by my side. Moral of the story if they are taught well they are the perfect pet and friend. Like people dogs can be mistreated and abused and then their actions reflect that up bringing.
im now 21 and own 2 staffys and they are my fur children (as I dont have 2 legged children yet) and they are looked after and they dont bite or attack me, my family, my foster siblings, friends , visitors !! Each attack is individual and needs to be treated and dealt with that way not blame the whole breed - as any dog can bite. And id prob bite u before my dog would!! Racism isnt aloud against people so why on earth is it ok to kill a dog based on its looks ? We let killers , rapist , all kinds of bad ppl live so why is it ok to kill a whole breed based on a few incidents that the Media blows out of proportion!?

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