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Thank you to donors and a plea for more help from Camelia

Thank you to our donors, and a plea for more help in Ramnicu Sarat. Romania Animal Rescue will be sending these good people 100 educational booklets. If you would like to help sponsor a continued campaign for these animals, please consider donating at this website: www.romaniaanimalrescue.org and click on the link to the Ramnicu Sarat spay campaign. Thank you. Paypal: [email protected]
Dear Nancy,
I would like to thank you once again for the help offered to our dogs and to our local community , supporting the neuter campaign here in Ramnicu Sarat.
As I mentioned in a previous message, I would like to shake hands and to thank in this way to all charitable peopels which donated money for this campaign.Without any doubt they became our forever special friends.
As a Romanian person I am so proud to have such friends , real friends in need but on the other hand, as a Romanian , I am shame that I am not able to find support and understanding here, from my romanian citizens, from our local authorities.
It gives me pain to see that in fact the obstacle against key of this problem is not the poverty but insensitive,unsympathetic, uninvolvment, indifference reach high levels.
How to make peoples to hear , to feel, to understand the suffering of these defenceless animals trying naturally to survive and more than that,to be wanted.
I am glad and I am very grateful to you , to the donors and to the doctors for this great work, neutering about 500 dogs in less than one year but I'm continuously thinking how to help them and the other stray dogs to survive, to have the recognized right to live? I am convinced that who has no mercy for an animal, hardly can take care of a children or of an old person in need.
Together with the members of our association , we are traying to organize a small event on the street of our city with the goal to call once again citizens'and authorities' attention that needs to continue the spay/neuter program and to initiate action of adoption.
We issued a list with dog owners who understood and want to neuter their female dogs.All these persons are in needs, without material means and they are not able to pay the cost of neutering.They are also other dogs in the local shelter and stray on the streets of our city without any chance to be spayed.
By our own resources we paid the neutering of 30 dogs (some cats included)in July but don't know how to do more. We've just succeed in collecting some money for medicines to treat ill dogs on the streets, suffering from scab,with hurts caused by car accidents or to treat against ticks.
I know that you receive so often similar hopeless inquiries from other person and location in Romania and not only, but I trust on your further support.
For the event planned for September I prepared some written messages on flyers and some small gifts to be distributed to the citizens ,in the central square of Ramnicu Sarat.I will try to find some CD with Maria Daines's songs (especially "Sheltër me" - being the most touching) and hope that at least her music will touch and rise compassion for stray dogs' life, in the hearts of the peoples.
I think that to instruct about importance of neuter/spay program ,some boocklets would be very useful for short information of local pupils.
What do you think, could be possible to help us more to continue the neutering program ? I know that very important is also our work to convinced peoples to adopt dogs, to become volunteers, to help animals in needs.These action together can offer results on long term.
If you consider that I'm asking too much or if you have some suitable advices for us , please send them to me. All your suggestion, your advices will be helpful for us, for our work.Your feeling, your experience is a real support for us.

Thank once again to you , to the donors and RAR doctors for their great work and hope to receive an answer as soon as
you can.

Gratefully and friendly yours,

Camelia Pandele
"Caini fericiti" - Ramnicu Sarat / Romania


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