Update #2 ·

Please Vote for Old Dogs in the Shelter Challenge

Just a minute a day from now until October 13 and you can help us save more abandoned old dogs. We are currently #29 in the contest, and we need your support to climb to #1. The winner of the contest receives a $10,000 grant. Just imagine how many old dogs we could save! And with your help, it is possible.

Please vote every day and ask your friends and family to vote as well. Thank you from the old dogs like Delilah and Ophelia who get a second chance at the good life every dog deserves.

You can vote at the Shelter Challenge site at http://www.shelterchallenge.com/. Enter The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs in Cleveland, Ohio, search, and then click VOTE. You can set up an account if you like, but it is not necessary in order to vote.


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