Update #2 ·


Members of Acadiana Outspoken Alliance (AOA) will present Lafayette Parish council member Andy Naquin with this 900-signature petition opposing Naquin’s suggestion to limit the types of flags that may be flown on government flagpoles on August 27th 2013. Under Naquin’s proposal, only government flags would be permitted. The proposal stems from our June event where AOA raised a rainbow flag in celebration of LGBTQ pride and recent marriage equality decisions by the US Supreme Court. After the event, a local veteran contacted Naquin and complained that the rainbow flag was a “poke in the eye of a way of life.” At least three council members have so far indicated that they would not support Naquin’s flag ban. Acadiana Outspoken Alliance is presenting the petition to Mr. Naquin to signal that the Acadiana community will not stand behind a proposal that is discriminatory and a violation of our first amendment rights.

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