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The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Crimes against Civilians & security forces

The following link provides documented evidences of the horrific crimes committed by the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood against Civilians and Security officers. (Be aware that most of the footage and Pictures shows extremely brutal and svage killing by those terrorists Muslim Brotherhood and should not be seen by weak hearted persons or Children below 18 Years old) 


The people of Egypt, it's government, It's army and security forces are fighting terrorism, yet the UN, USA and the EU refuses to see this reality. How many Egyptians should die by the knifes, swords and guns of those terrorists so that the UN can see the reality. 

We will not negotiate with terrorists. Democracy & Inclusion can't entitles respect for others and their opinion. The muslim brother hood are murdrers and Terrorists and there is no place in Democrathy for those carry the gun to make their law.

Campaign closed

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