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I had an experience similar to this the other day. I regularly ride up to the Marin headlands, and one particular route has a full bike-lane, sectioned off with a solid white line. Basically: a car should only enter the lane under extraordinary circumstances. Last week I was heading up, and two cars were in the normal lane. I started riding past them in the bicycle lane, when one these cars suddenly starts veering into the lane [without any reason or need]. I did a flat handed slap on the car to alert them of my impending doom --- an act that has zero chance of damaging the car [especially when compared to driving into me, which I'm pretty sure _would_ damage the car]. This act pissed the driver off to such an extent that he roared in front of me, cut me off, and jumped out of his car. This six-foot-four man in a wife beater than ran up to me, grabbed me by the collar, and started spitting vitriol about how he "hates fucking cyclists, and if you dented my fucking car, i'll fucking dent you". His hand was readying a punch, when a fellow cyclist showed up and motioned to take a picture of the scene, quite correctly adding, "if you punch him, it's assault, and I'm a witness". City planning favors cars currently, and helps persist this attitude amongst drivers that we're invading their space. Until proper [city] planning recognizes this and updates major routes to respect the rider, incidents like this will no doubt continue..

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