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I have adopted several animals from shelters into my forever home & know that one very special dog had been returned several times... I was lucky to have years of love from wonderful pets that would other wise have met this same fate.
I have recently called & had friends go to shelters for pets where we were lied to by the employees. We were informed that one dog would be there the following day and instead they decided to kill it that day after we left when we clearly said we would be back. On another call about a dog I
was helping to network to get rescued, a shelter employee "joked" that the dog was put to sleep already then said she was "just teasing" and that it had been adopted. I asked why she would find this a joking matter & she repeated that she was "just teasing". I really think that the lives of these animals should be taken way more seriously. These incidents proved to me that most shelters do not have regard for the lives of the animals they are supposed to be guarding and helping to find homes for.

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