Maria Os
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This campaign matters to me because if any BSL passes, it will create a spark that will turn into a fire, & nothing good will come of it in the end. This really comes down to discrimination...not against people, but animals. African Americans fought long and hard against discrimination just to be heard and treated as equals, and look at the beauty that has come from their fighting for that right. Now, people like me, who fight the same way for their dogs, are urging you to see the beauty that these dogs have. Contrary to the "intimidation tool" some people use, and the media portrays, there are so MANY average people who don't see the dogs as anything but their furry family friends. They are just dogs, no more, no less. Discrimination is what took my dog's life July 27th & mortally injured the other. There was no real investigation was considered "open and shut" just because of their breed. Hatred/discrimination like this WILL spread...just because people "don't like them, fear them, want to exterminate them" doesn't make it right. History is doomed to repeat itself, & BSL even being considered is a repeat from history...racism/discrimination taking on a different form, and it shouldn't be tolerated. Please give the "quiet people" like myself who just want to live their lives with their animals a chance to speak, to show that there are so MANY "average" people out there that own these dogs that would do anything for them, to come forward and "tip the scales" in the fair direction that they should be. My dog's were my world, & cases like this are more and more every day.


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