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QUICK UPDATE!!! It's working!! But we have to follow through!!!

I have word we have full unanimous support of the House!

We now need to get it through the Senate. This one is easier for you cause there are only 2 senators and 2 phone calls to make. However, it is much harder to get through the Senate so WE NEED all the calls we can get. Just a reminder Turner HR 1898 only says: when a single parent Soldier is deployed and must give temporary custody to someone while they are gone, the courts HAVE to give us back our KIDS when we come home. It only addresses one of the issues causing our high veteran suicide rates!


Use this link and select your state to find your senators and give them a quick call. All you got to tell them is this.

"I want to leave a message for my congressman, tell them to make sure Turner HR 1898 gets passed and that they better be supporting more bills like this one!"

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