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THANK the LA TIMES and Roger Waters

Today's LA TIMES published "Roger Waters asks musicians to boycott Israel" in which they linked to his Facebook Page on which this Cause officially THANKED him and invited him-and the WORLD- to this Cause:

My Comment at LA TIMES:
EileenFleming at 6:24 AM August 21, 2013
[photo icon is of Vanunu and me, 2009]

As the primary leader of the CAUSE: TNT/Telling Nuclear Truths [which had been known as FREE Mordechai Vanunu until we learned it had been hacked] with over 20,500 Members expresses great grattiude to Roger and ALL who speak truth and seek justice.

A few weeks after his historic and under-reported FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial began in Jerusalem, Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower sent a video invitation to then Senator Clinton and "all the Christians to come and see the real Wailing Wall: the Apartheid Wall" which can be found on YouTube: "Vanunu's Message to US: The REAL Wailing Wall"

In 1986, Israel kidnapped Vanunu from Rome and sentenced him to 18 years in jail for providing the London Sunday Times the photographic proof and telling everything he knew as a mid-level technician on the night shift in Israel's 7 story inderground WMD Facility at Dimona.

Although 'freed' on 21 April 2004, Israel continues to deny Vanunu the right to leave "the only democracy in the Middle East."

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In this Youtube, Roger Waters [singer, songwriter, composer, co-founder of Pink Floyd] pours out his heart musically over Gaza Palestine as he reminds us that in solidarity; "hand in hand, we will break down the prison walls-together...The Truth will set us all free and deep in my heart, I do believe that The Truth will set us all FREE and we shall overcome on that day."


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