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Government Social Responsibility

“We have reached the stage in the country where the sovereignty of the people must be acknowledged in a written constitution, the custody of which will be vested with the legislature chamber, citizenship will be the guardian of the constitution and all people everywhere will have testimony to the dignity of man.” – Shaheeb Sher

We live with a seventeenth century mindset. It may make economical sense to bottle and transport evian all the way from the french alps because is deemed to have a certain panache over British water, however should we not consider the so cial costs of unnecessary, non-standardised packaging, not to mention ripping minerals from the earth to bottle and transport for what is by utility simply water. To prance and dance whilst people starve and die is not so much exhibiting a zest for life, rather a contempt for it. Islam with its innate codification of social responsibility is capable of rehabilitating society. It’s time we micro managed ethics on an individual level as the muslims do. Ask yourselves what can create such social fervour for common humanity, if atheism is derived from egoism, is this a force it can hope to emulate? You will see that these social institutions and knowledge were mass produced without wealth or inheritance, by nomadic camel herders who shared faith.

We have a rich, sophisticated heritage of law, justice and human rights. Indeed, some would argue that Islam is the intellectual father of democracy and the U.S. offers, what can be best described as, a cheap imitation highlighted by the recent Occupy Protest Movement; how the social inequality of the 99% creates injustice in all sections of society.

Shaheeb Sher

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