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Pretty ugly sight, yes? Yes indeed.
So why aren’t our elected Representatives doing anything about it?

Well, you wouldn’t expect too much from the Liberal element. Many of them believe the Constitution is destined to change dramatically as years go by. Why? Because it’s a “Living” document - - subject to change as the technologies and environment in which we live changes. And so, they’re not only willing to watch the Constitution be ignored, they actually work to aggressively change it to suit their current inclinations.

But many of us are stunned when we see apathy within the ranks of the “Conservative” community, including many in our traditional philosophical political alliance, the GOP. Yet that’s what we seem to be seeing as: (i) the Powers vested in our States and Citizens are gradually disappearing and being usurped by the Executive and Legislative branches; (ii) more Legislation is being “outsourced” to unelected Regulatory Agencies; (iii) edicts are issued unilaterally as law by the President; and much more.

If you find some truth in the last 2 paragraphs, then please spend a minute and help us send a note to the 3 top Leaders of the GOP, Messrs. Priebus, Boehner and McConnell. Inform them via a courteous but assertive Petition, that as a heretofore loyal Republican, your beliefs are being left further and further behind by some of their political strategies and actions. Help them understand that ourtside the DC “Beltway”, Citizens are seriously concerned with their failure to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. All you need do is follow this LINK and sign the Pledge:

Thanks for your help.
Mark Sussman

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