Benito E. Molino
Benito E. Molino campaign leader

In the last typhoon that hit Zambales, the northern towns that include Masinloc, Candelaria and Sta. Cruz where mining companies like Benguetcorp Nickel Mines, Inc., DMCI Mining Corporation, Eramen Minerals, Inc., Filipinas Mining, Shangfil and LnLArchipelagic Minerals., Inc operate were heavily flooded. The rainfall of Labuyo was not unusual, but because of the destruction of the mountains and the siltation of the water ways, these towns experienced massive flooding.

For this year, more storms and typhoons are expected to hit Zambales. To have another flood or more will be physically, emotionally and economically devastating to the people. The peoples of these towns could not afford another deluge. This should be prevented. The government, local and national should use all its power to protect the peoples of the northern towns of Zambales from another great flood. To realize this, the government among others should:

(1) issue immediately a moratorium on the operation of all the mining companies;
(2) dredge all the silted waterways and clear all inundated farms; and
(3) ensure that all mining companies will immediately rehabilitate all their dams and other similar structures to prevent the spill of laterites, tailings and mud to low lying areas.

The stormy season is far from over. The government and the mining companies should act in the shortest possible time to prevent another deluge.

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